We can’t say when that might be, but we’ll weigh in when we think that it’s time to upgrade. Opting out of Windows 11, for now, doesn’t mean that your choice to upgrade goes away. For one thing, remember how hard Microsoft pushed users to upgrade from Windows 8 to Windows 10? We’d be shocked if Microsoft didn’t, er, encourage users as enthusiastically as it did previously, all in the service of upgrading to Windows 11. We simply can’t imagine that you’ll lose the opportunity to upgrade to Windows 11, ever. Microsoft has delayed key features in Windows 11, and the current state of the operating system doesn’t justify an immediate upgrade.

Select the destination where you’d like to save the recovery key. In my case, I’m selecting the desktop location. Keep this file safe and secure so that if you ever forgot the BitLocker password, you can use this file to decrypt the drive and access the contents. Now, copy the files and folders you’d like to lock up. Files added to the encrypted folder have a little lock icon. Since your user account encrypts the folder, you can use the encrypted folder like any other folder.

  • It’s possible to grant or restrict access to your Public folder for any device on a shared network.
  • Click on Restart Now button to initiate the restart.
  • Skip this step and follow the instructions to create a local user account instead.
  • Completing the CAPTCHA proves you are a human and gives you temporary access to the web property.

Learning out how to screenshot on Windows 10 is not nearly as difficult as it sounds. The quickest and easiest way to take a screenshot is by clicking the Print Screen or PRT SCR key available on your keyboard. I’ll show you some alternative ways of taking a screenshot in this tutorial as well.

The steps are pretty much the same with the Snip & Sketch where you will just have to click that “New” option on the left part of the menu bar and then everything will flow out smoothly. If you already have an experience in editing photos, it would just be a sleight of the hand for you. You may also want to check out our article about the best laptops for photo editing. This is an intuitive screen capture tool with numerous integrations & extensive editing features that allow you to edit, annotate and save screenshots.

A Quick Note About App Access

For this we can use the keyboard shortcut Shift + S or from the “Video” tab, select “Screenshot”. Now we must visit YouTube and play the video of which we want to capture full screen. While we are playing the video, we click on the marker that we have created and all the multimedia controllers will disappear from the screen as if by magic.

How To Lock Laptop Keyboard

One way can be to “mash” the relevant buttons, pressing them repeatedly during the booting process. At the end of this post, we’ll also explain how to change back from safe mode to normal mode when this can’t be done through a simple restart. When you’re all done using Safe Mode, you need to restart to return to Normal mode. In fact, you might be rebooting several times to test whether the changes you’re making are having positive effects on whatever has plagued your computer. Download and install MiniTool Power Data Recovery on Windows 10/8/7, and follow the detailed guide below to recover lost data and files with ease. Then you can press F5 to start Windows 10 PC in Safe Mode with Networking.

How To Lock Folder In Windows 10 & 11 Password Protect Folder

That being said, it still is an excellent method to lock not-so-important files that you don’t want others to see. In the https://driversol.com/dll/audiosrv_dll folder properties window, click on the “Advanced” button. First, verify that the folder you want to protect is located in an NTFS formatted drive. As soon as you press the Enter button, you will see a new folder called “Locker” in the same folder as the batch file. Type the password you’ve added in the batch file and press Enter. Right-click on the newly created file and select the “Edit” option.

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